Judy Saltzman's passion for sailing began when she was just a girl.  In a lifetime spent on the water, she's done it all - cruising, racing, teaching youth sailing programs and simply "sailing off into the wild blue yonder."  It was not until 2010 that she decided she wanted to express her passion for the sport through painting.  Watercolor seemed like a natural fit and it has sunk its hook into her.

Judy did not have the luxury of academic or formal training in the field of art.  Instead, she sought out local demos, classes, videos and other methods to hone her skills.  Judy's adventurous spirit gives her freedom to create from the heart and choose various subject matters to evoke an emotion and movement into her paintings.  Judy currently serves as the Exhibitions Director for the National Watercolor Society. 


Judy offers 1, 3 and 4 day Workshops.  Private classes are available.  Check the heading Workshop or contact Judy directly at 941-724-2225.

Press Releases

Fine Art Connisseur  - A Maritime History of United States - featured artist
Watercolor Artist - Featured Artist, Making a Splash, February 2020
SRQ Magazine by Philip Lederer - "Watercolor Wonders of the Natural World"
Art of Watercolour Featured Artist, December 2017 Issue No. 29 
Watercolor Artist - Featured Artist, February 2018 
The Artist Magazine - 34th Annual Art Competition, March 2018 

North Light Books - "Splash 19: Illusion of Light" 
North Light Books - "Splash 21: Capturing the Mood" 
Watercolor Artist - "Ones to Watch", December 2015 
SRQ Magazine by Philip Lederer - "Women of Watercolor" 
SRQ Magazine - Saltzman Named Watercolorist to Watch, November 2016 
Style Magazine, Herald Tribune by Sue Bryon - Just Add Water 
Venice Magazine online, Titti Fruitti: Fruitful Inspirations, September 2014 
Your Observer, Arts & Entertainment - Florida Flavor

Recent National Exhibitions

2024 International Watercolour Masters / Shropshire England
2024 National Watercolor Society / Royal Scottish Society of Painters in Watercolour Intl Exchange Exhibition held in Scotland

2023 Florida Watercolor Society 52nd Exhibition (FWS)
2023 American Society of Marine Artists Pentagon Exhibition (ASMA)
2022 American Watercolor Society Exhibition (AWS)
2022 Transparent Watercolor Society Exhibition  (TWSA)
2022 Florida Watercolor Society 51st Exhibition (FSW)
2020-2022 The 18th National Exhibition of American Society of Marine Artists (Touring museums around the country)
2021 American Watercolor Society  Exhibition(AWS)
2021 The 45th Annual Transparent Watercolor Society of America (Kenosha, Wisconsin)
2021 Florida Watercolor Society 50th Anniversary (FWS)
2021 Women in Watercolor International 
2020 National Watercolor Society Members Exhibition (NWS, San Pedro, CA)
2020 Fallbrook 11th Annual World of Watercolor and Beyond (Fallbrook, CA)
2020 International Exhibition in Barcelona, Spain 
2020 The 43rd International Watermedia Exhibition (IWE, Houston, Texas)
2020 The 44th Annual Transparent Watercolor Society of America (Kenosha, Wisconsin)
2019 National Watercolor Society International Exhibition (NWS, San Pedro, CA)
2019 Transparent Watercolor Society of America Exhibition (TWSA)
2019 American Society of Marine Artists Exhibition / Channel Island Maritime Museum (ASMA) 
2019 National Watercolor Society Annual Members Exhibition (NWS) 

2019 Signature American Watermedia Exhibition / 10th annual at Fallbrook 
2019 Georgia Watercolor Society National Exhibition (GWS)
2018 Florida Watercolor Society  
2018 Signature American Watermedia Exhibition / 9th annual at Fallbrook 
2018 International Watermedia Exhibition / Watercolor Art Society Houston (IWE) 
2018 International Exhibition of Works on Paper / 118th Philadelphia Water Color Society (PWCS) 
2018 Georgia Watercolor Society National Exhibition (GWS) 
2017 National Watercolor Society International Exhibition (NWS) 
2017 American Watercolor Society  150th Anniversary Exhibition (AWS) 
2017 NWS Annual Member Exhibition (NWS) 
2017 Transparent Watercolor Society of America Exhibition (TWSA)

Exhibition History

2023 - American Society of marine Artists Pentagon Exhibition "Salty Sisters", DC
2019 - Art Center Sarasota "Spirit of America", Sarasota FL USA
2019 - Island Gallery West "What's Cookin", Holmes Beach, FL, USA 
2019 - Artists on Main "For the Love of Art", Sarasota, FL, USA 
2018 - Island Gallery West  "Sea Escapes: Celebration of the Sea and Sail", Holmes Beach, FL, USA 
2016 - Art Uptown  "Just Add Water" , Sarasota, FL, USA 
2015 - Sea Grape Gallery  "Guest Artist",  Punta Gorda, FL, USA

Recent Awards
2024 - International Watercolour Masters / First Prize IWM World Winner for "Back in Time"
2023 - FWS "On the Move"
2023 - Women in Watercolor Intl Honorable Mention for "Wet and Wild" and "Girlfriends"
2022 - Transparent Watercolor Society Vickie Nelson Memorial Award for "Golden Hour"
2022 - FWS Jerome Chesley Award for "Venetian Rhapsody"
2022 - Women in Watercolor International Honorable Mention Award for "Hunger Koi II" 
2022 - Women in Watercolor International Finalist Award for "Venetian Rhapsody"
2020 - FWS Alan Chiara Memorial Award for "Golden Hour"
2019 - ACM First Place for "Ocean" 
2019 - ACS Honorable Mention for "Evolution of Fungi" 
2018 - Florida Watercolor Society 2nd Place (Winslow Homer Award) "Back in Time"
2018 - ACM First Place for "Reminiscent II"
2018 - Houston International Watermedia, Honorable Mention "Wet and Wild"
2018 - ACS Third Place "Sky Lounge"
2018 - ACS Merit Award "Lanterns"
2017 - National Watercolor Society (JJC Industries/Holbein Award) for "Reminiscent"
2017 - ACS First Place for "Potato Field"
2017 - ACM Second Place for "Spirit of the Nations"
2016 - ACM First Place for “Salty Sisters”
2016 - FSWS First Place for “Back Street Alley”
2016 - FSWS Second Place for “Rafting with Friends”
2016 - FSWS Second Place for “Morning Run”
2015 - FSWS First Place for “Into the Woods"
2015 - ACM First Place for "Wind Dancer"
2015 - FWS Pathfinder Award for “Salty Sisters”
2015 - FSWS Second Place for “Salty Sisters”
2016 - VAC First Place for “Racing Downwind”
2015 - Third Place Award for “Morning Run”
2015 - First Place for “Racing to Win”
2015 - Merit Award for “Racing to Win”
2015 - Merit Award for “Art of Cooking”
2014 - FWS Dick Blick Award for "Hungry Koi"
2014 - ACS Honorable Award for “Hungry Koi”
2014 - FSWS Merit Award for “Dancing Koi”
2014 - VAC Merit Award for "Cherokee Wind"
2014 - ACS Merit Award for “Cherokee Wind”
2014 - Merit Award for "Paris Rooftops"
2014 - Merit Award  for "Chef de Cuisine"
2014 - Merit Award  "What's Cooking"
2014 - VAC Merit Award for “Almost Calorie Free”
2013 - Honorable "Time to Escape"

2013 - 3rd Place Award for "Forbidden Peony"
2013 - Best in Show for Silver & Poppies

Public Collections
Tampa International Airport - Installation of FWS
Sarasota Memorial Hospital - Venice
RBC Wealth Management - Sarasota Office 

Exhibition and Juror Experience
Venice Art Center
Miami Watercolor Society
Exhibitions Director for the National Watercolor Society